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Our unique crusher will crush our products down to 70% passing 200 mesh.
Crushed Slate

Our crushed slate is a staple in the asphalt maintenance industry. It is used in seal coat as a wear surface for vehicle traffic. Because of the fineness of our slate, it is easier to suspend even with using less swelling clays.

Black Clay

Black clay is also used in the asphalt maintenance industry. Not as widely used, but as the name suggests, it has a rich dark color.


Elemite is our natural soil amendment that was formed thousands of years ago. It contains 66 + minerals that help maintain soil fertility. We simply pull it out of the ground, crush it to powder and bag it. For more info on Elemite, click the link below.

Custom Crushing

This is not something that we usually have the time for, but our unique mill can crush most rock into a fine powder.

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